Meet Third Eye Concept

This is a family affair based on mutual respect and shared goals

Sean Namanny

I have been a teacher, coach, podcaster, amature documentary filmmaker, bartender and traveler. I pursued a Social Science degree because I am passionate about life. We all have a story to tell, and we all play a role in the collective story of this planet. I joined Third Eye Concept because I believe our vehicle will be an instrument to build community in various ways around the world. Whatever your story is, the IMMEP will help you share it in ways that nothing else can.

Sam Ballard

I am a multifaceted artist with backgrounds in engineering, sciences, and the arts. I consider myself an Artivist because I see the arts as essential to who we are as humans, and utterly vital to our communal lives. I began building this vehicle to promote collaboration through a confluence of technology and the arts, but the versatility it provides makes it applicable to untold applications in our society.

Interactive Mobile Multimedia Educational Platform

The IMMEP (because what else would we call it?) starts with an unretired Cushman Truckster. These vehicles make a great base because they can be found in back yards and in municipal vehicle yards. They are relatively simple machines with a small footprint and can get to places many vehicles can’t. As work trucks there is plenty of space to install all the gadgets and they are easily updated to increase power and streamline consumption. The Cushman Truckster was in continuous production from 1952-2002 so there are plenty of styles to choose from. Our initial prototype is being built on a 1987 former meter maid police vehicle, and our second is a more stylish 1965 that once served the California Department of Forestry.